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P.agnata "CSUF"

hello ,
i was just wondering if any other ping enthusiest's have been crossing it ?
my hope would be to get a P. ramosa -and cross it with the "csfu" hopefully to make a dual cross . that way it could be a wonderful scented with many branching flowers.

has anyone else had the thaught that P. ionatha <span style='color:red'>Edit: actually spelled, "P. ionantha"</span> and P. planifolia could possibly shair a common ancester ?
for i've seen pictures of all white flowered ionotha <span style='color:red'>Edit: actually spelled, "P. ionantha"</span> and others with verry purple flowers . the leaf structure is also similar in my oppinion.
and then theres P. pumila who looks alot like the other eastern north american lent's but also resembling mexican specees.
if any one wants to talk ping's with me drop me a line @my e-mail
moogy roogy roo.......
P. agnata (CSUF) (California State University Fullerton) is what Leo Song used for many of his Pinguicula hybrids. P. 'Titan' is a great example. I don't believe I've heard of any crosses between a mexican Pinguicula and a temperate species, but for all I know it may be possible. I'd be interested, though, if you manage to make any new crosses.

Hi and welcome to Terraforums! I couldn't find your Email address listed, but was going to pick your brain about getting a Mexican ping to flower.
just pm me .
i'll figure out how to put my e-mail there
it's muoogy@hotmail.com
the best growth results i get are when i give them a inch of water in a tray
and those tube type florecent lights usualt two cool white or i''l switch to a warm colored one.
they just love that ... and useualy bloom when they have the light and lots of finger crushed blood worms.
i've also noticed that mine do not do so good insunlight. they get week and verry thin leaves some times that's cool but most of the time i do want them to bloom.

so i'll bring them back indoors.
Artificial lighting? Can't do that right now. Just sent you a PM. Thanks.
I have just germinated seed I produced by crossing Pinguicula moctezumae with Pinguicula agnata (CSUF). I made the cross both ways, but the Pinguicula agnata was the only one to set seed. I'm looking forward to seeing these grow up and flower.