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Our Bearded Dragon eats better than we do...

Pure organics for our bearded dragon, he eats better than we do. Well, not including his love for crickets though. :p

Organic Kale, Lime Basil, Red Cabbage, Cilantro, and Romain.
Hah! I'm still trying to get mine to eat more than just dubias and turnip tops.
Here he is eating out of my son's hand. He used to not like his veggies and now he goes crazy. He used to not eat the veggies much but Joe started moving the veggies around a bit right in front of his face and he would finally attack it. Now if he puts his hand in even to put his bowl down it's like ringing the dinner bell. :)

Beautiful dragon! I have noticed that much like with humans, the older beardies get, the better they are at eating their veggies.
He has some interesting markings. Their diet changes as they age. More protein for faster growth when they're young, and more plant matter when they're older for whatever that does.