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Ordering exotic plants.

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So I haven't really made any orders for exotic nepenthes from nurseries half-way around the world before. I finally stumbled across a site that offered argentii and aristolochiodes, both plants I have been longing after for a long time. It's a certain spanish oriented nursery located off the coast of North Africa.

As most of you know I am from Alaska. Has anybody on the west coast ordered plants from such a nursery in winter time and received them in good health?

I really have been wanting this plant for a very long time, argentii at least. I'm feeling risky and willing to blow the 25 euros worth of nepenthes and who knows how much on shipping, it would just comfort me knowing that other more frequent nepenthes enthusiasts have used this similar website before and had healthy good condition plants arrive to them safely in North America.

Once again a nursery located on an island chain off the coast of northwest Africa, sound familiar?
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