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Orchid for trade


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
I am looking to trade an adult orchid, Dttps Purple martin x phal tetraspis from Blue Sapphire Dragon orchids. this is the third time I have bloomed this plant out and I am not happy with the shape of the flowers. I had hoped they would improve with maturity but that never happened. Unpotted, this plant will require at least a medium sized flat rate box.

I would consider other orchids, neps, or cephs. If you want you can try and tempt me with something else.

This the sibling to the one I got from you in another trade?
nope..I'm pretty sure you have equalacea, double check your pics, I may be wrong..i bought a bunch from Rob to grow out and choose from, different hybrids
The very first one you sent me.

ayup..you're right, they are brothers..want two?