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orchid bark mix?


Anyone just use orchid bark mix for there Nepenthes plants? Perhaps the medium size with charcoal added. I have been using it for a few N. vents and sangs with no problems as far as I can tell. I just mist the soil top a bit more than usual but they seem to not mind. I started using this mix to safe guard from root rot from me perhaps watering too much. Forgive me if this question has been asked many times before.

Thanks everyone.
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I use an orchid (fir) bark based mixes for my neps as well.
orchid bark, charcoal, LFS, perlite, with a top layer of live LFS for highlands.
Remove the layer of live LFS for HL veitchii and veitchii x hybrids.
Add a thin sandy peat top layer for intermediates/LL's.

That's my recipe anyways..
I use the same mix as Mass does...great results.
My compost is similar to Mass's, though I substitute pumice for perlite, to avoid its salts, especially with seedling plants; and also because perlite is concentrated pure evil . . .
I use orchid bark, lfs, aps, pumice, charcoal, sometimes a dash of peat, and a live lfs top layer for all neps.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Very helpful. After reading all the mixes I probally should add somethings to the orchid bark to hold a little more moisture. By itself it just seems just a bit too dry.

I do however like the smell of orchid bark when it gets wet though :-))

Thanks everyone.
I use a mix of coir, charcoal, and perlite with LFS as a top cover none in the mix and my neps seem to love it! I grow them on a tray system with about 1/2" water and I just top water whenever all the water in the tray evaporates. I guess everybody has there own preferred mix!