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One is just never enough

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]i was wondering if the ping leaf has to have dew on it?

If you are asking that in regards to propogating them.

My limited experience has been. No.

Normally when I get a new plant, they come without 'dew', as I am plantig them, I'll take off a few of the lower leaves (or the ones that fell off during shipping) and toss them in my terrarium full of LFS, and they start forming new plants.. Using that method, I have not had any that didn't form plantlets.

Oh and from what I have heard, the non carnivorous leaves in winter are great for propogating.. This is my first winter them, so I haven't tried it yet.
hello everyone
i have a few questions about leaf cutting mexi pings
1. should the plastic bag be open, can i use tuppaware?
2. can i keep the plastic bag in my terrarium? (60-85% humidity)
3. do i have to use sphagnum moss, can i use peat moss?
4. does the whole leaf have to be touching the moss, how would i do if so.?
thanks alot for all your help

Again, from my limited experience:

1. See 2

2. I don't think you need it anything if it's already in the terrarium

3. peat is to compact for the roots. If you don't have access to LFS either live or dried. I'd try a mix 1:1 Peat:perlite or 1:1:1 Peat:perlite:vermiculite add sand to either if you like. (Edit: I use either of the 2 mixes, with a top dressing of LFS)

4. The base of the leaf, where it connected to the plant, is the most important, but keeping the whole leaf in contact with the moss seems to lengthen the time it takes to dry out.

4b. Move the moss around so it conforms to the shape of the leaf. For my P. 'Aphrodite' leaves I poke a whole diagonally into the LFS about 1" deep, and would then put the leaf into the whole, making sure I could still see the base of the leaf so I can see when new growth starts. After growth was visable, I'd bring it up to the surface. Smaller leaved Pinguicula I just place on the surface, trying to get them into a dimple.
I am going to say no, but that is just a knee jerk reaction. You'll have to wait for someone who knows about dip n grow.

I haven't found a need to use anything to help them start.
Dip 'n Grow can be kind of harsh - it's really more for inducing root growth in stem cuttings and plant parts that don't normally produce roots on their own. I'm not 100% sure it would be bad, but Pings seem to readily bud and root from cuttings so I think it's unnecessary. If you want to increase your yield, try a 15-minute soak in Superthrive before planting the cuttings - that seems to work great for Drosera clones.
Using "Dip 'N Grow®". Sorta like seasoning when you're a cook. If 1/4 teaspoon of salt makes it taste "good". Maybe a cup would make it taste better?

A more accurate description would be:
1) Dip 'N Grow® is a combination of synthetic auxins (root inducing hormones), not a kinetin (bud inducing hormone). Formulated for use on stem cuttings to induce rooting on stems (plant parts that already have buds).
2) Since auxins are antagonists of kinetin, you might experience a failure to induce budding, hence plant formation from leaf cuttings.
3) Dip 'N Grow® active ingredients are in a 66% alcohol (Isopropyl and Ethanol) base, even diluted 20x per label directions for "succulents", the alcohol might be too harsh for Pinguicula leaves.

Anyway: please let us know how it goes. Perhaps it will be a positive experience despite my expectations to the contrary.


I do have the product, Dip 'N Grow®. I use it with woody cuttings. I've never had any problems starting plants from Pinguicula leaves, so the thought of using anything to hasten a process that normally only takes a week or two, seems like overthinking the process.
Pings are great.
I think it takes a while for people new into CPs to come to appreciate them, but once you've had a few, you're usually hooked.
huh, guess I am backasswards then..
I took an interest in Pinguicula and Utricularia first, and am only now getting the itch for Drosera.
Well i was allways interested in Utrics just never had a source for them... (i have a few now) i have a ping, it was great almost got seeds... all i have is a cutting and a baby suvivor! Hopefully i can keep these ones alive... And if i get them big enough i plan to get a bigger pot, and have a little hump in the soil and put lots of cuttings all over so as i have a tight grouping Ping... i had a purple tinged one but it was so small i killed it... *tear* i felt so guilty! YOU DONT KNOW HOW BAD!!! but now i plan on trying to keep my cuttings alive!!! its a P. primufloria but smal baby mexican pings tightly grouped to geather is great!!!

Several years ago someone in California traded with me and I acquired a couple of Mexican Pinguicula, I thought it was pretty nice to have them. One was Pinguicula 'Sethos', misidentified as Pinguicula 'Weser'. I kept it by itself in a ziploc plastic bag clothespinned to a fluorescent light fixture -- it grew well and even bloomed inside the bag. Another was Pinguicula rotundiflora. I struggled for several years, trying to find the conditions where the Pinguicula rotundiflora would grow well. During that adjustment period (for me and the plant), I was able to propagate others from detached leaves. It languished for years, the offsets grew no better than the parent plant. It is a miracle that none of these were lost, most of the time they were hardly larger than the head of a pin. The only success I was having, other than keeping them alive, was when I transplanted them, which I was doing regularly. Finally, I tried regularly spritzing the plant and media with a dilute solution of Peters 20-20-20 with micronutrients. Wow, the plants finally grew, boy did they grow. At last I could see some definition to the leaves. Since then I've adopted many other Pinguicula species, hybrids, and cultivars. These days I'm more confident growing and propagating them, but they can still throw a surprise from time to time.
i have found the Peters 20-20-20 fertilizer at Lowes here in Ca.
It is cheap and comes in many sizes.
I use it as a general fertilizer for my non-cp plants.
have only used fertilizer (foliar spray) on my Pings. For them i use a fertilizer specially for RO water. It has added calcium and magnesium that are missing in pure water.
Yes, I obtained mine at Home Depot, though I've also seen it at Lowe's. It is in the form of soluble crystals with a little greenish-blue dye added. I figure the amount will possibly last me another 40-60 years, if I keep growing CP and live that long.
I could smack ya both, Mr Clemens and JimScott!!!!!! You have no idea what I would do to get plants that looked as good as those!! Stop making it sound like it sooooo easy.......it ain't!!!! Anybody gona back me up here? All the internet searches, and going over and over and over the book I have (that would be the Savage Garden) and still stumble around. Ohhhhhh....I could smack ya!! Put everything you know on this forum!!! Make it step by step like, slowly.......put....the......soil.......in.....the....pot!! Yep, just like that! That would give me at least a running start... aaahhhhh!

Oh, BTW does any one know anything about a nep called gymnaphora? How is it supposed to be cared for? I can't find any info on it's care and it's dying....help......

Shame on you guys.......
start typing!