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Oh NO!!!!

I just got back home from being away for 5 days and the cobra that has been doing so well since its Lowes rescue several months ago is suddenly dying. In true cobra form, it needed no real reason to die but it is trying anyway. The only thing that I can think of is that it got very warm under the lights in my closet. Somebody stopped by and watered it but I forgot to say "pour some over it too".

The 12+ pitchers are either purplish/black or starting to head that way. The rhizome seems to still have life in it though. I've moved it out of the closest and onto a desk under some other lights plus the AC is now on. Anything else I can/should do (besides not trying to grow cobras)?
It's always risky growing plants indoors under lights. Cobras like air and light and breeze, not your closet ???
I did the same thing. I tried to grow one in my room and it died... and I bought it from lowes so maybe it wasn't entirley my fault lol.
It's all experience though :-))

Next time just try putting it on a windowsill if you can't put it outside.
Not that I like "parrotting" info, but Savage Garden says that cobra lilys do surprising well on a window sill (north?). I can attest to that from my own experience, as well as observing elgecko's. Obviously, if you can find a safe place outside,... great. If not, the double pot method that was suggested to me by Tony Paroubek seems to work. I just water it a little bit, everyday, and drain when it reaches the plant's pot. Don't need ice cubes, either!
Yes, closets aren't ideal but neither is an Ohio winter windowsill. It was doing wonderfully untill I went away for a few days. Oh well. It was a Lowe's rescue so I had to baby it and give it a chance to get caught up. I'm not ready to declare the official time of death just yet, but it looks pretty grim.

North windowsill??? Interesting.