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Offering aquatic plants for CPs

Feb 17, 2006
Oklahoma, USA.
Firstly, these MUST be legal to own in your area, and you must swear upon pain of mauling by squirrels with lasers on their heads that you will NOT release these plants into the wild, nor allow them to be released into the wild.

Seconly, the plants will be shipped priority. They will be wrapped in wet paper-towel, and placed in a ziplock with a smidgen of water. This will then be placed in a box, carefully padded with newspaper, and lovingly sent your way. If I pay shipping to get them to you, you pay shipping to get the plants to me and vice versa. Fair trade for the poor. ;)

Thirdly, these plants -may- have trumpet snails... they really don't do anthing but clean, however some people freak out about them. I'll pick off as many as I can.

Indoor/aquarium plants:

Cryptocoryne wendii (about three or four plants).
Java Moss (two softball sized clumps).
Red Lily (two sprouting bulbs, roughly five years old).

Outside/Pond plants:

Royal Pickeral (four plants)
Horsetail (... way more than the pond should logically hold).
Small Egyptian Papyrus (division will be done later this spring. Reaches about 18" versus several feet in the "Giant" form).

What I want:

Nontypical VFTs. I'm most eagerly looking for Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Royal Red, Red Piranha, cupped trap, and fused tooth.

I'll take seedlings larger than 1", spare "normal sized" plants, or leaf cuttings that are established and growing.