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Obligatory visited-California-Carnivores Thread

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Just visited Peter's nursery yesterday so of course I gotta share some pics with you guyz.


These are the fellows I walked away with ( of course...)

Nice pics Dex.
Awesome! I've been meaning to make my way up there for a while now. I really like the form of spectabilis x singalana you got. I don't really know anyone else that grows that hybrid. I'd love to see updates of it as it grows. Your's seems to have inherited a lot more of the singalana peristome. I just posted the first mature-ish pitcher mine's formed since I got it in my thread yesterday. Keep us posted! Great photos!
You know I'm good for continually posting pictures of my plants despite them having grown significantly at all :D.

But yeah I really like this particular plant. The hour glass shape is so..... Great!
I didn't even know that hybrid existed
So many new hybrids coming out... its hard to keep up. I didn't really even know it existed til I bought it!
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Thanks for posting the pics, Dex. I am burning with a renewed desire to make the pilgrimage myself and feeling kind of sheepish for not having done it already. And you had to come from Alaska!
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Thanks so much for posting these--as an east-coaster I will likely never make it out there. It was great to get to see his plants!!!
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My pondarium? Good to see the Aldros came back (or got reintroduced). The system crashed when I moved it, it used to be an Aldrovanda factory. Were there any fishies? I suppose the poor things didn't survive the latest heat waves. Albino Gambusia, mosquitofish.

I hate to have to ask, but is Andrew cool with this admittedly fabulous thread?