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Non Carnivorous Plant ID


I Am the Terror Of the Night!
Ive had this plant for a few years now growing happily on my top rack. This thing is pretty nasty,
as you touch its leaves, it will leave a foul smelling resin on your skin that smells of feces. I call it
the Butt-plant.
Its non carnivorous and I was hoping someone here may know what it is.

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Not a clue, but now I want one, lol.
Not a clue, but now I want one, lol.
If you want one dragon, that would be no problem. When this thing goes through a
Growth spurt,a good number of branches fall off and just sit on my shelf
almost looks like an impatiens sp. has it ever flowered?
It is Definitely not impatiens sp... And no. IT has looked like that for the 3-5 years Ive had it
Putting my money on Aichryson laxum.
I think acro just nailed it. How did you know this out of curiosity?
I'll have to agree with Acro, that's the only thing I've seen which looks similar leaf shape and hairs. Impatiens has those serrations or thorns on the leaf margins but not these fuzzy hairs.

But I think maybe it needs more light to look denser and then maybe it would bloom as well and answer everyone's questions.

I do want Impatiens repens though, it's great looker! :awesome:
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It used to be REALLLY thick and happy, but after i moved one of the t5s down 3-4 inches for the nep,
it kinda.. sagged and dropped a little bit. Its.. kinda sad.