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Newbie Sarracenia pack (Winner Neon-eon $16)

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If someone could kindly PM me his address (including his name.....) I'd be more than happy to send these things off. It's hard to get ahold of him for some reason.
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Reminder to either the sender to send the item or the buyer to to pay for or report the item received.
This is also to keep the open auctions at the front and put the closed ones in the back, so please don't respond if the status of this auction is up to date. Only post the current status of the auction. Please don't send me a update through PM, my inbox is already full.
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He said he got it, was happy with it, and I told him to post here but he hasn't.

He still needs to.
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Hey man, it just arrived today! I just finished planting those things, and damn, they look awesome!...all my previous sarrs were uglified by a fungus/aphids during their very first growing season, so I can't tell you how happy I am to have some nice healthy ones to take care of! I planted them all in a medium sized container, so I've got a nice little mini bog garden now.

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