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Newbie Alert!!!


Sgt Sarracenia
Hello all. I am new to CP's for the most part. I have a had a few VFT's in the past. I live in SoCal and grow about 11 species of CP's SO FAR. Lol.

My background is mostly in reptiles and amphibians. Mostly geckos, anoles and Big Eye Tree frogs (Leptopelis). I currently have more than 75 species. I have put together MANY vivariums and Natural Habitats, and enjoy the steps taken to assemble a proper environment for both Flora and Fauna.

I am not much on posting for the sake of posting, but like to participate in threads, and will post many times if I can be of help or if the thread interests me. If anyone is going to go the LACPS meeting in June I look forward to meeting you all.
Welcome to TF!
Hello :wave:
Welcome to TF! Where's the rest of the Lonely Hearts Club Band?
Welcome to the forums!
welcome to the forum and the hobby it is very addicting
Thanks you all made me feel warm and fuzzy. Lol.
Hello and welcome to the forums! I would love to see some pics of your plants or vivariums if you have any! :pics:
Hi! I'm also in socal... in San Diego County. Where are you at?
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I'm in Fullerton, Ca. I do not have any pics right now and my camera took a vacation and I do not know where it went or when it will be back. Lol This is the only Viv pic I have right now, but it contains no CP's sorry.

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:wave: Welcome to TF. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your plants and vivariums.
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I will see if I can get some pics. My Byblis may be hard to get pics of, they are only 1/2 tall.
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