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new to Drosera.

just got these today in the mail. i was told this is Drosera venusta. rather tiny and in bad shape, but i hope they will perk up soon. i potted in peat moss and sand 1:1. watered it with distilled water. i washed the peat moss and sand with distilled water before potting them up.


Looks as though they are likely D. venusta. A pretty forgiving species, they should bounce back in a couple weeks. Grow them all year round at room temperatures with plenty of light. Sounds like you've got everything else right so far.

Happy Growing!
yep youre off to a good start :)
Congrats! Sundews are fun plants!
Sundews are like the staple of all cp peoples. There was this one point in my cp "career" where I didn't have any sundews. I think that I would have eventually shriveled up and died without them. Thankfully Kinjie sent me some gemmae, so I'm ok now. :spazz:
new leaf unfolding. it's neat.