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New Plants Arrived!

Hello everyone I would like to share my newest members...

drosera capensis White leaf


drosera capensis Broad leaf


drosera capensis Red leaf


Pinguicula agnata

Collection is growing :-D
Nice plants? Were they shipped? They look great!
Shipped from Oregon, by the looks of it. Nice additions!
Happy! :D

Seems you like those capensis. ;)
What am I missing that is hinting Oregon to you? That seems like a crazy specific guess with little to no info...I am pretty impressed if you are correct! :D

Plants look great, hope your red capensis keeps its color in your tank and love your broadleaf!

Where did you order from, Octopus?
I can't say the specific website (against forum rules) but the hunt is Oregon. Great shipping!!

Thanks guys!
Yeah I suspected from whom you had ordered based on the plants you obtained ... the info about being Oregon clinched it. :D
Congrats--D. capensis remains my favorite plant of all time. I give seedlings away to every student or teacher or plant person I can just to grow interest in how amazingly beautiful and easy to grow sundews are.
Lastest Arrivals:

Nepenthes spectabilis x ventricosa

Venus Flytrap Red Dragon (just coming out of dormancy)

Pinguicula x 'Aphrodite'

Will add my new plants to this thread enjoy :-D
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They look awesome! Can't wait to see the VFT when it is fully out of dormancy.
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Yeah, looking great!