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So I got home after a month of absence and unfortunatelly I missed drosera whittakerii ssp. aberrans flowering. My mum took a pic with cell phone and it is very blurry

She said the flower was very fragrant and it only opened for one day and died.
Hopefully next season I get to see it too.
When I returned drosera was done blooming and dying back getting ready for the dry season:

D. whittakerii ssp. whittakerii is 2 months behind aberrans so maybe it will flower later as well:


My D. burmanii is done flowering as well and dying. This one put up 25 flowers and second stalk...

D. modesta grew 15cm in 5 weeks and is one of my favourite


D. peltata var. auriculata flowering soon

D. nidiformis flower

D. prolifera

and some drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii


Hope you like them:)
Impressive plants! Seems you do very well with the tuberous sundews. Plus, is that D. menziesii catching hair?
Hi! Thanx for the comment. Actually this is my first season with tuberous sundews so I am not very experienced..just learning. I picked less demanding plants for the start to avoid early disappointment and discouragement;-) . The white feathery stuff that got stuck on the traps of all of the tuberous sundews is not hair but remnants from the poplar trees' seeds that are flying around here in this time of year...because I grow them outside from spring to fall. That makes the traps less sticky and now i noticed they are unable to catch much insect. I have read somewhere that if the tuberous sundew doesnt catch enough prey during the growing season then she propagates slower via tubers and gets weaker. But I dont know whether it is true. I know it is true only with seedlings because I have tried.
Very nice! I can't seem to keep my prolifera happy for the life of me.
Hi Dexenthes! Prolifera should be easy (much easier than schizandra). I keep mine in little fishtank with covered perforated top to keep the humidity up. Potted in peat/perlite 60/40 mix with about an inch of distilled/rainwater underneath constantly. Temps 20-25C. She is placed in a very dark corner of my room and looks kinda happy. Good luck!
Drosera modesta still grows (due to cold summer I guess) and is now almost 30cm tall. Does anyone know how tall does she get, respectively what is the flowering size\?

Great looking dews!
I have had a very hard time groing all but the easiest drosera???