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New N. Burbidgeae!!!


Is ready to take this hobby to a whole new level
First of all, I will say that I am indeed still in Germany. So how is it that I am ordering plants? Well, somebody lovely decided to buy me this plant for my Birthday on Aug. 20. I'm very excited because it is most definitely one of my favorite neps. And, to boot, she sent me pictures of it. It just arrived at her house yesterday, and she potted it up and everything. I can't wait for it to get a bit bigger, which will take quite a while I hear. Which is good, because my lifestyle doesn't cater to big things very well right now. So here are the pics. You can see her little N. Sanguinea in the background, which is growing gangbusters (did I steal this word from somebody here, Phission maybe?) with two growth points. I'll post some updates here once I get home and see some progress!


very nice plant good luck with it once you get it =-)
Nice plant. Looks like a lot of people are getting new plants. (well 2, 1 is just getting a lot! :0o: )
Congrats and good luck on your new burbidgeae! Hopefully it won't drive you insane, waiting for it to grow ever....so....sloooooooooooowly. (Mine does that to me, putting out one smaller-than-normal leaf in the month that I've had it. Grrr....)

Jimmy :)