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New indoor set up

lowland to the left

highland in middle

ultra highland plants to the right


need a fan for highland or just open on side of the doors once daily? Humidity is 100% most of the time.

Heat sink created by water at the bottom of the tank

Opinions appreciated thanks !!
Pretty clever to use the water to draw away heat. It also keeps the humidity high, I would suppose.

And based on what I've read, opening the doors once or twice a day is enough.
Interesting setup. How are the light levels in the lowland and ultra-highland tanks? As far as a fan goes- I would put at least one in there. My thinking is that you add circulating fans to an indoor set up for at least two reasons- one being to move in fresh, CO2 rich air (which I would assume opening the door would do- at least on the large scale in the set up) and the second is to prevent things like fungal spores from finding a home in there by agitating them. Don't those particular terrariums have ventilation built in? (I have actually been looking at a similar set up for a new Utricularia terrarium I want to start)
What is the difference in light requirements for highlanders and lowlanders?
two of my heli have died but others are doing find my h ionasii and h tatei are now both brown rhizomes with no pitchers left. Not sure when to throw them away now ill have to wait awhile to get them from AW again. Im going to try ice bottle at bottom of heat sink at night to drop temps?...
My female Acuminatus pygmy passed away today too I had her for a year Im having a bad month! :/
if i can add my opinion, you need more light ! And a truck load lol :)
I agree! Stick a couple of dual bulb T5 fixtures in each tank and the colors will really start to pop on your plants. :)

Good Growing,