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New here, have rooted/leafed fig cuttings and Capensis to trade

New here, have seeds, rooted/leafed fig cuttings and Capensis to trade

Hi, I'm new here, and I'm afraid I haven't much to trade as Cps but, some common Capensis.
And, some seeds of Dutchman’s pipe (Aristolochia macrophylla, syn. A. durior, Zones 5-8)

Also, I do have some rooted/leafed Fig tree cuttings in 20 oz cups. (about 100 trees started so far) Also, some refridgerated fig branch cuttings ready to start rooting for yourself.
I probably have about 50 varieties to choose from! Cold hardy to heat lovers.

Figs can be grown easily in large pots or in ground zone 7, and above.
Being a Diciduous tree, Figs go dormant during the winter, and can be kept in a shed,
cold basement, or garage.
Cold hardy varieties can be grown in ground with lots of protection in zones 6b-7a
Some varieties can survive temps down to 15 degrees F.
But, are more reliable to survive the winter when grown in large pots.
The top growth may sometimes die at such low temps but,
the tree will usually sprout from the roots the following spring, if well protected. growing in a bush form.
Many enthusiests grow them in pots anywhere they happen to live, and store them for the winter when dormant..

I'm most interested in the intermediate, (or 60-85F range) of Neps, Helis, Sar. pitchers,
or any types like them.
I live in the Appalachian Mountains 2,500' above sea level.

Thanks for your time!
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Hi Dan, glad you found the trading post.

For peeps who always wanted to try florabondage but hated the thought of a long wait before seeing results of your efforts, figs make an ideal plant. Unlike maples and pines, figs will let you see the results of your work in much shorter span of time. As Dan pointed out, there is a varity for every climate. Plus as an added bonus, a bonsaeid (Is that even an adjetive?) fig still produces full sized fruit, just less of it
i have a rooted cutting of Nepenthes Mirabilis Tiger i can send you for cost of shipping. Was once a new grower in this forum and would like to pay it forward.
I have a Sarracenia leucophylla 'tarnok' division i could also send you for shipping.
No plants available, but if you have need of any lighting equipment we could work a deal for a couple Figs.
My fig trees arrived yesterday..very healthy, well rooted plants, bigger than i expected and packed very well. Thanks again for a good trade.
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Got my figs on Thursday, very nice plants, well packed, and Dan is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!
Thanks buddy!
I feel like I made a new friend!
The lighting fixture I got from you is in excellent condition!
You are a pleasure to deal with too!
I feel like I came out on top! : )
God Bless!
Did the tubes arrive? Did you get it fired up? I guess if we were comparing dollar for dollar you might have come out on top, but the stuff was collecting dust, and I owed my brother-in -law a favor and the figs covered it, so I'm the one who came out on top! Keep in touch!
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Chibae! The Red leopard cuttings you sent are awesome!
I got 6 - (three leaves each) cuttings out of them!
I can hardly wait until they break root!
Thank You so much for the Sars. also!
My little collection is starting to look great!
Thanks again!