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New Heliamphora Flowers!


A yellow M&M
My heliamphora is sending out new flowers that should be opening in a week or two.

I've heard the stigma is receptive a week before the anthers produce pollen...

If anyone else has open heliamphora flowers, let me know.

I have a one flowering probably earlier than yours it is a het x minor. Which is yours? I've never really had any heli's flower before so i'm clueless on what to do.
I've got a h. pulchella flowering. I'd definitely be up to exchange pollen with anyone, but I also have no idea of what to do!

I noticed mine is sending up a stalk, i've heard that you can save the pollen from the previous flower, and pollinate the next. It'd be cool to get some seeds!
It would be cool to grow these from seed. To bad mine is still technically a seedling. Good luck to all 3 of you! Also I want to see a H. minor x pulchella cross, could be a cooler and faster growing version of both!
Has anyone had experience storing heliamphora pollen?

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Trek - you can't receive messages because your inbox is too full. Here is what I said though:

Hi John,

So... it's likely that mine will be produce pollen first, if you took that pic last night. Like I said, mine photo was a week old, so that's good timing.

My pollen will develop when your stigmas are receptive.

I'll send you the pollen, you can pollenate, and when seed forms, we can split the seed?


- Jeff
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I've got heterodoxa x minor in flower. One plant in full flower and one just sending up flowers. Both are the same clone, which is gorgeous and seems to take more after the minor than the heterodoxa. PM me if you're interested. I'd be happy to just cut the scapes and send you the flowers to try to collect pollen.

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Also, for those who are interested, the pollen is supposed to come loose if the flowers are sonicated by bees. I've got a tuning fork I was gonna try, but my flowers don't seem to want to open all the way. Suggestions also included electric razors...
If any of you are successful in pollination, I'd love to get my hands on some seeds so that I could try germinating them in vitro. I'd be happy to purchase seed, trade plants for seed or offer germinated seedlings back in exchange for the seed.

Seedlings in vitro grow about 5 times as fast as in vivo, so I could probably have some fairly mature plants in about a year.
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jefforever: very nice you have 2 flower stalks at the same time that is beautiful!

My h. minor has been blooming for some time now and doesnt seem to stop anytime soon. She is working on her 4th bud now. I try to polinate her , younger flower with the pollen from the older flower. Do you know when it is the best time to collect the pollen? When the colour of the petals changes from white to greenish? I hope I get some seeds to try in vitro. that would be very exciting:)
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WOW! A lot of people have flowers open/developing right now.

Klasac - Thank you.

I've never done this before, but from what I've read you should just vibrate the anthers occasionally to check for pollen on you older flower. By checking now, you can be sure to harvest the pollen on time.