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New glasswork from Millipede


Sarracenia freak
My latest acquisitions from Trevor(Millipede) arrived today! This man is a serious glass genius as far as im concerned, and he sent me along some awesome extras!

A large Dichroic glass octopus sculpture.. SO AMAZING!!! thank you so much! this guys is about the size of my hand with fingers spread


And the extras, a gorgeous little dichroic glass pendant..

Hope you dont mine me posting this Trevor... But I really love it!! An awesome glass Sarr to stick in a pot...
ohhhhhh........wow..... :0o:
O___O Wow... May I ask how much those cost you? Those are beautiful!
One medium I must attempt.... Although knowing how heat and I get along I might lose a finger. Still, those are amazing!
Wow very impressive. Would def love some cp glass. Made a calla lily at the corning glass museum on a feild trip and that was really hard. Could imagine the time it took for such fine detail. Again very impressive.
wow. Those are amazing!
Fantastic job!
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Me gusta!

Way to go, Millipede! Nice score, Brie!
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thanks everyone :-D

wireman: getting burnt isnt so bad; it's getting cut that really is annoying! if you don't like callused hands then glassblowing is not for you haha :)
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serious skills going on
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I'll definitely be ordering one of those little octopi from you, Trevor.
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I'm a metal sculptor, my hands are already thickly callused. No amount of callusing can prevent metal cutting wheels from cutting halfway through a finger, which has happened. Glassblowing should be a walk in the park after metal casting.
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for sure. i've met a lot of people who are just too afraid of the glass to ever get good at it. it's definitely not for the timid. expect pain and frustration! and be prepared to "get used to it" for the first 2 or 3 years... i rarely burn myself anymore and cant remember the last time i got cut from a rod snapping in my fingers... if i do get burnt its very minor and usually just involves opening the kiln door. i really should insulate those handles... :crazy:
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Insulation would be a good idea. Chihuly never got to the skill he is by fearing his medium, and his body shows it. The main problem I'm having is finding a hot shop in my area.
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chihuly hasnt blown glass in over 30 years. all he does is direct other glass blowers who do everything for him and signs his name on it and nobody but him gets any credit. IMO he is a fraud and not much of an artist.

when my dad lived in seattle he met robert kaindl who is being sued by chihuly for stealing his ideas. rob told my dad chihuly is so arrogant to even say that he was the one who invented the idea of putting blue and yellow together.... chihuly is also suing several of his other ex-employees for blowing glass for other people
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I knew he just directs people now, but wow! That is arrogant. I'm pretty sure he didn't invent the blue and gold macaw. Sadly, there are a lot of artists out there who come up with the idea, get someone else to make it, then take the credit. This is why I'll never do one of those apprenticeships.