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New D. spatulata seeds

Yep I just received some seeds I ordered from rarexoticseeds.com and was wondering what would be the best way to get them to germinate being there are three different catagories I will make three seperate posts, the seeds are as follows,
D. spatulata
P. lusitanica
G. aurea
U. alpina
U. dichotoma
U. juncea
so this post involves the germination of the drosera only, all help is appreciated!!!

Here's how I germinated my D. spatulata seeds:

Fill a pot with your chosen potting mix (I use 50:50 peat and sand).
Carefully sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the mix (the seeds are really small).
Spray the seeds with distilled water (or rainwater).
Place the pot in a shallow container and add about an inch of water.
I usually place everything in a large plastic bag.
Place the pot near some flourescent lights to keep them warm.

I've purchased quite a few seeds form RareexoticSeeds and have had good luck with them. My D. spatulata seeds spouted after about 11 days. Seven months later the plants are about an inch in diameter. Good luck.

Thanks alot, my pot is now in it's bag and sitting under the lights of my terrarium thanks for the help!
No problem. Glad to help.

What I have been taught to do is place moistened (and rinsed) media in a container, add seeds, cover, place in an east window sill, and ignore for ~3 weeks.
Well good news the seeds have finally sprouted, I'll try to get a picture posted after work tommorrow, and let everyone tell me what they think, thanks for all the help guys.