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New Additions (Thanks FlyTrapShop!) + Hair!


Is ready to take this hobby to a whole new level
Over the past couple of weeks I was able to pick up two new little guys, one from Andy here at FlyTrapShop, and the other from somewhere else. First, my N. Rafflesiana from Andy. Not only pretty large, its put out a really nice pitcher since arrival, and is sending out new leaves like crazy. Really nice plant! :boogie:

Whole Plant

Pitcher that just Opened. Peristome is pretty spiky at the top, me likey.



N. Mikei, it's a small little guy, but I like it. It will be interesting to see it get larger. Good coloration.


This one is just because it is interesting. A few months ago I picked up this N. Stenophylla, and the newest leaf it is putting out is incredibly incredibly hairy.

Cute and fuzzy (that is, regarding the last one)
what condition did you put the raff from andy in? i cant seem to keep any nep alive
Nice pics - that rafflesiana seems like a great specimen.
All that hair on the stenophylla may mean that the leaf will grow really big. I often notice that, as my plants grow large, the developing foliage looks much more hirsute. It only seems that way until the leaves fully expand, though - then the hairs appear in more proper proportions.
Ooh, very nice! I need to get myself a raff. Great hair on the stenophylla!
How fast does your stenophylla grow for you? I've noticed that mine grows pretty slow. A new leaf every month or so.
I was always kind of turned off by Raff's but more and more I think they are great looking plants. I really like yours!

Stenophylla is nice too, don't see many of those around.