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I have setup a new terrarium and would like to run a mister continuously from 8am-8pm, the nepenthes have well draining soils and get morning sun then filtered from 11am onwards, temps are 23C-25C at night and 24C-32C by day, the reason for the misting time is that I have attached a miniature solar water fountain to a small sprinkler/mister I had spare from my greenhouse (it sprays small droplets not mist so really I guess its a mini sprinkler).

I am just wondering if this is ok or will it lead to rot if the plants leaves/shoots are wet for to long?, I know that in the wild they can get rain for weeks on end but am unsure if this will be ok in a terrarium.

There is plenty of airflow (due to a cpu fan) and with the sprinkler the humidity remains above 95%, without it the humidity drops to 80% and the temps rise a couple degrees (days of 35C), at the moment I only have a N.Campanulata, Belli, Pervillei and a couple utrics in there, but I want to move a few other small neps from my greenhouse into it (ampullaria, bicalarata, rafflesiana and ventricosa), it is essentially for seedlings to 15cm diameter plants, once they are over 15cm they go to the greenhouse.

So the main question is can these nepenthes handle this much water on their leaves/shoots?
I recently experimented with a misting system for nepenthes, and I did lose one nepenthes to stem rot as water pooled in leaf pockets close to the stem. I had hand misted for years without this problem, but my automated system put out too much water. I now put the misters directing into the pot to avoid water stagnating on the leaves. My setup did not get much air movement. You could be OK, but it is risk from my point of view.
In my greenhouse the misters on the roof and side walls come on for 15min every 12hours (early morning and late arvo) and the plants have never cared, but the water in the greenhouse evaporate off their leaves within an hour and they get a lot more sun and due to the shade cloth a lot more airflow, the terrarium on the other hand is a 3foot tank with an opening along the whole front that is 3foot/1inch then the fan in the top corner with a Peltier.
The water is flowing straight off the campanulata and belli but the pervillei is catching a lot of it in its stem (as its leaves are laid out like a brom with gaps at the bases) maybe if I put a cover over the pervillei.
I am not worried about the pants soil moisture, its the cooling and humidity I want the sprinkler for, it is much cooler than the Peltier and uses less energy.
I am sure you could get it to work. My advice is to take precautions like you have suggested for your N. pervillei to avoid too much standing water in the leaf gaps you describe.