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Nepenthes ventricosa x hamata

Another plant recovering from severe damage, it's not out of the woods yet by any means and if it survives I will contact the seller about returning some of the refund.





Good luck! I hope it survives! GL! Its a beautiful plant when it recovers.


So what happened to the plant?? How did it get so damaged? I'd like to know what vendor would send out plants like this or did it get left outside by the postman?
Good luck to you on nursing the plant back to health.
Thats one beautiful ventricosa x hamata! The teeth are so big
That's what Spook's should look like when it recovers.
That's what Spook's should look like when it recovers.
JB_OrchidGuy, As I recall it wasn't packaged well or as agreed to and froze and since I retrieved it from the Post Office carrier in person it must have happened either in flight or at the source. You can PM me for the name of the seller. I did receive a full refund by the seller after filing a Paypal dispute.
Like the Nepenthes burbidgeae that is in the same situation this one is really taking off. Some spider mites moved in and were quickly eradicated but I don't think they posed a real threat. I can't wait until this beauty starts producing pitchers.



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looking great congrats
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what a great recovery :)
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Well done, what a spectacular save!
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Thanks, I remember how close I came to tossing it out and glad I didn't, in 6 months it should be back where it was before jack frost attacked it.