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nepenthes substrate...suggestion for addition

right now i am using 1:1 perlite/spaghum peat.

I have lfs but don't really care for it....seems to hold too much water for my liking. don't really care for the coco peat bc i have seen bad things happen to neps when it is of low quality.

I would like to add something else to help "loosen" the soil a bit and help with drainage. I would say sand but I have never heard of anyone using sand for a nepenthes which I assume is for a reason.

I use equal parts medium coarse perlite, LFS and small coconut husk chips. Seems to work great
I've never used sphagnum peat for nepenthes, it seems way too compact for my liking. I've just recently switched from a mix of lfs, perlite and cypress mulch. My new mix is much chunkier - small coconut husk chips, sponge rock, charcoal and a bit of lfs. I'm still not sure if I want to keep the lfs and I might try a larger size of coconut husk chips next time.