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nepenthes repotting/how to tell when it is time??

I heard someone say a good rule of thumb is when the leaves all start to reach the edges of the pot....this raffesaina and bical are both in 6 inch pots......can you guys give me your opinion about whether it is time to repot or an approximation about when is a good time...i know it is soon.


i think they could both go for a while longer in the same pot. Nepenthes don't have very large root systems in general, and can usually stay in small pots. However, once the bical gets to where the leaf tips themselves are about 2 inches past the pot's edge, it will need rpotting. Of course, bigger pots seem to work better!
good wasn't really looking forward to it anyhow. :)
burkei same3" pot for three years .
Most Nepenthes are ephite growers, but Raffelsiana and Bicalarata are big growers like truncata. I'd give them about 6 months, then check on the roots. If they're not root bound yet, then give them a little longer. Get ready, Bicals grow extremely fast and practically need wine barrels to root in once they're mature.
N. bical has a leaf span of about 8 feet, so the pot edge-to-leaf rule isn't really practical.I don't think anyone even makes pot that wide.