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Nepenthes (merrilliana x truncata) x vetchii 'Caesarion'

My little guy is finally settled in enough to make it's first pitcher for me, and I wanted to share. I was talking to some professionals, and they seemed to think that this hybrid is destined to be lack-luster. Sure, it's parent, 'Caesar' was enormous in the pitcher department, but was apparently without interesting color and form. Do you guys think the introduction of some N. vetchii alleles will help?

My plant:

If anyone has this cross, or related crosses, definitely share. I'm pretty sure mine is from a batch of seed, so it is sure to be different from it's brothers and sisters. But I haven't seen even a single picture of this cross. What do you think?
I have two small ones. A pale pink and a rose colored one :) I personally think these will turn out great!

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The progression:
Plant A:





Plant B:




Divaskid, are those two grown in the same conditions? Im amazed that one has spots and the other doesn't. I really hope mine gets spots....

The joys of seed grown plants…. you never know what awesome charactersitics you'll get ;)

Yes, they're both growing right next to each other so their differences are due to their genes :) Thats actually why I bought two instead of one, I couldn't decided between which one I liked best! I'm hoping to get some stripes on the peristome like Christians. Not sure it'll happen, but they're still very small and I have had pitchers develop stripes at an older stage, so we shall see with time.
Wow, Ambanja, when you put it like that... it's hard to tell which is better! Plant A absolutely has that wicked tall peristome seen in the parent N. vetchii- I have to admit that I'm a fan!
yeah, there is no way I could get rid of either one. Plant B has the wonderful burbidgeae white glow to it when the pitchers are fresh. And A is just starting to show off a slightly golden peristome when the pitcher gets older that I'm sure will be more apparent in mature pitchers. They both seem to be perking up now that the temperatures are warming up a bit around here.
I wish I would've bought this one other one that was a nice red color like Divaskid's with these nice fat, squat pitchers... can never have too many...
I'll have to snap some photos of the orange one at Meadowview.
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Here's mine:


The photo is edited, but the colors are about the same
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That's a really nice one! Biozest
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That's a really nice one! Biozest

Thanks! I was really excited about this pitcher, it was the first one since I received it in September. I accidentally popped a tendril.
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Wow Biozest, you might win the "most colorful" award in this hybrid!
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Thanks. The variation of this hybrid is pretty amazing, and all of the variants are stunning! I guess I got lucky with this one.
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woah, the newest pitcher is much bigger than the other two. this is def a fast grower.

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I thought I'd share this leaf jump with you guys!


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