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Nepenthes macrophylla

I wasn't sure where to post this since it isn't about my mac' but rather about the flowering plants growing on the surface of the mac' pot. I didn't remove them because they look like tiny grass of some sort and the blades are only about 1/4 inch long. Several weeks ago flower stalks began shooting up across the surface and thankfully I held off on removing them because they are now producing beautiful little flowers that look like miniature versions of daffodils or orchids. I am hoping someone here can ID them so I can do some research as my intention is to move them to their own container for propagation. Here are some pictures taken yesterday:

For purposes of scale the mac is 1.5 inches across:




They are most likely Utricularia bisquamata.
I do believe those are a certain genus of CP's, although I'm not an expert at them so I don't know the latin name of these atm. I remember a CP seller telling me about them when I purchased my forst Sarrs a few years back. Of course, the offspring have dispersed and have taken up almost every square inch of available soil space in the Sarr pots ;).
Definitely a Utric of some sort. Cool!
good luck trying to get rid of those weeds LOL :p
Thanks for the responses!
It hadn't dawned on me that it was a CP, when I first received the mac the soil surface was covered with that mossy looking stuff that usually turns up and now it is nearly crowded out by the untric'. I take it that utric's produce flowers in spring? The mac seems fine and in fact is beginning to produce larger leaves after producing the small, tightly curled ones since I got it in December.
It's definitely the famous weed, U. bisquamata. You have the typical yellow and purple form (I happen to have a white form), and once this plant gets going, it's just like U. subulata: self seeds and goes everywhere. Great for decorating pots of larger plants, not so much other Utrics, and I doubt it'll have an effect on anything other than seedling Neps, so the macro should be fine.
U. bisquamata; a serious weed in many collections. I wish I'd never found it in my Sarracenia. No way to rid the collection of them now. They are the Oxalis of insectivores!
Sorry, am I the only one who tries to keep subulata, bisquamata, and other "weedy" ones alive? One way or the other, they usually just die on me:(
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I certainly don't know anything about these other than what I have seen in documentaries so the conditions I provide for my Neps must be the same for this variety of Uticularia. I like it and like I said, I intend to give them their own container, I already moved some to a small pot of NZS several weeks ago and they are thriving.
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Odds are that a year from now, you will regret not getting rid of those things when you still could!
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Ya, they've choked out rare dews of mine. They're nice until they get really dense, then the soil is compromised.
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I guess they are like star moss. Looks nice until they take over and start hopping to other pots.
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Most has already been said by others. This species is one of the two most invasive CP weeds out there. Some people will be reluctant to trade with you as they have no desire to have that plant take over their collection and getting rid of it requires a massive amount of effort.