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Nepenthes lowii

Does anyone on here grow nepenthes lowii? I'm getting a big plant coming in the mail..

Post pics of your plants that would be awesome! :)
Pebes wow that's a killer plant you have there... What kind of set up and temps do you have?
there really easy to grow mines about the size of pebes( his looks better) and i just grow it in a grow room with some t5s and 90% humidity temps from 59-79
Does anyone on here grow nepenthes lowii? I'm getting a big plant coming in the mail..

I'm curious, where does one buy "a big plant" of N. lowii? I've never seen anything larger than "toddler" size available in the US.

Here's a relatively recent pitcher on my fella (still very much a "toddler"):
Paul ill give you a hint. Where do all lowii hybrids come from?
I realize that, yes.....but I suspect the OP is talking about a plant purchased here in the USA, hence my question :)
Well some distributor must have imported a few large ones your best bet is tony. I cant see anyone else really bothering
Mine is coming from a really good friend of my that has an amazing green house with huge nepenthes.

It's a lowii mt Kinabalu. The plant is like 7-8 years old
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Well you are very fortunate to have a friend like this. Lowii happens to be my favorite nep and maybe even my favorite cp. I just got one in from mass.
here it is:


@mass hope you don't mind me using your pic. I don't have a great camera right now and I am being a bit too lazy to go and take one myself.

good luck with your plant, and wish me luck with mine. ;)
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Bio zest nepenthes lowii is one of my favs too... Good luck with yours ;)