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Nepenthes For Trade

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I need to make some space so a few more plants need to go. Looking for Nepenthes, Heliamphora, South American and Tuberous Drosera, Pinguicula, Genlisea etc.......(No hybrids). Please refer to my "Wanted List" at the bottom of my growlist.

Nepenthes spectabilis x hamata - This is a seed grown plant, starting to vine and is over 10" across. It's growing very well in normal HL conditions.

Nepenthes sanguinea - Large plant, 4 growth points, only small pitchers at the moment. The main vine was cut back in January.

Some pitchers from a while back.

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Both plants are still available.
N.spectabilis x hamata is now spoken for. N.sanguinea still available.
It is not. The plant was donated to the greenhouses at the University of NH earlier this morning.

Offer closed. Thanks.