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I have the following neps for trade:

alata x maxima
x emmarene
x khaslessi
x effalgent koto

Far as I can tell these are all intermediates...will have pic and measurement soon but they are all rooted cutting if memory serves. I am looking for either lowland nepenthes or some nice/beautiful sarracenia. also pls correct me if any of the above are lowland.

here is my nepenthes wishlist:

LL truncata
amp lime twist ***
amp harlequin x brunei red
orange bical
sawarak bical
hookeriana x harlequin
northiana ***
raff var alata
raff var elegata
x red skeleton
mirabilis indonesian red/merah ***
red gracilis
x Ted Payne
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here is a pic of them in their temporary home(hopefully to be happier in a more permanent home) :)

1 thing I need to add; the khaslessi is seedgrown not a cutting.


the khalessi and alata x maxima are spoken for.

will also add a lowlander into the mix.....I am just not feeling the anamensis I have but only willing to trade for lowlander on wishlist(or possibly a really cool sarr but don't see that happening)....lastly, ad reinwardaina and a cool looking lowland veitchii to the wishlist