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Dear fellow plant addicts,

I happen to have some monstrously overgrown plants in need of a haircut. Looking to see if anybody would want the pieces.

I have:
N. maxima ()
N. x dyeriana ()
Stapeliads, such as S. gigantea ()
Ceropegia stapeliiformis ()
Amorphophallus konjac corms
One A. titanum seedling, but only contingent on it being exchanged for something really cool.

All manner of orchids, cacti/succulents, ant plants, air plants, and tropicals. Look at my greenhouse photo thread for a sense of what I have.
Lots of sundews... just inquire. I don't have many Sarracenia for trade because they are mostly new and not yet divisible.
Most things will be unrooted cuttings.

I would like to trade for:
Pinguicula not on my growlist
Utricularia not on my growlist
Orchids, ferns, ant plants, cacti/succulents, fruiting tropicals, or really anything to add to our collections.
tuberous/pygmy/petiolaris complex dews
Dionaea 'B52'
Sarracenia not on my growlist
Nepenthes not on my growlist
Unrooted cuttings are acceptable.

If interested, please get in touch with me via email, not PM at kevintheplantman@gmail.com and we'll negotiate from there.

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