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Nepenthes Aponi still not doing better :(

Well, still no sign of improvement, its just seems to be looking worse. Any more suggestions on what may be wrong?
New tips darkening more and leaves still look droopy and sad....



What I've done so far: Repotted to make the media more airy, less peat. Also less watering (leaves are droopy but not thirsty).
Thanks for the help :)
dont expect that growth tip to get better. it wont. most likely that portion is spent and will not pitcher. what you need to keep an eye out on is the growth point, which is emerging from the center of the plant. if that is intact and looks good, your plant is fine.
Aww! So sorry this happened to one of your Neps too. :(

My N. densiflora x spectabilis got some weird white cysts all over it so I pulled the old leaves off and wiped the entire thing down with alcohol, then rinsed it off. Over the course of a few weeks, it became really dehydrated like the new leaf on yours looked and it turned black. Finally I had to cut it back and it just dried itself up. Not to be a debbie downer, but when that Nep of mine died, the growth tip was fine, but everything was dehydrated and flimsy. Not sure what would cause this.

I hope yours gets better! If the growing tip is still firm and green, you're in lucky and it will more than likely live with some care.
Whatever you do, DO NOT wipe your plant down with alcohol it will almost always kill your plant even if you wash it off of the leaves soon after. If it were me I would give it a good dose of neem oil and perhaps a fungicide. You said you decreased watering? the leaves on my nepenthes only curl like that when they are too dry so I would water a little more. If that necrosis continues to spread down the leaf I would consider cutting it off. It could be some sort of infection, but wounding a plant can lead to more infections if you aren't careful, be sure to wipe down whatever you use to cut the leaf with alcohol first to sterilize it. And I think repotting was a good move, maybe raise the humidity around the plant too if possible. I'm no expert but that's what I would do if that were my plant.
making your media more wet will not necessarily solve your problem...as suggested before, a media change is highly recommended. not peat based, but LFS mixed with orchid park, and pumice/perlite is a more suitable nep mix.

by having a dense media (50% peat is extremely dense, IME, especially for neps ), your nep's roots are being super saturated with water to the point where the root cells may have ruptured. at this point, having your media extremely moist will do nothing, since the roots, if suffering cellular rupture, will be unable to draw up any water. cellular root rupturing is the most common way how people kill their orchids.
Whatever you do, DO NOT wipe your plant down with alcohol it will almost always kill your plant even if you wash it off of the leaves soon after. If it were me I would give it a good dose of neem oil and perhaps a fungicide.

I've used an alcohol, soap and water mixture to take care of small spots of pests. It would take care of them but they would be back in a couple weeks. The plants didn't show any damage though. Then I discovered neem. It's an organic, safe for your skin, has no fumes and works great. It may not work for everything, but it's a safe,easy way to get rid of many pests.
*i'm saying don't use pure alcohol which is what Pine implied he did. I too use alcohol, water, and soap mix but neem definitely work better.
Whatever you do, DO NOT wipe your plant down with alcohol it will almost always kill your plant even if you wash it off of the leaves soon after.

For what its worth, I have sprayed 70% isopropyl alcohol directly onto Nepenthes without any washing off with zero negative effects.
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Just repot it, cut the black parts off and soak in fungicide for a few minutes before repotting and treat it like a light deprived plant, high humidity and little light.

If you dont cut the black part off, it may spread.
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Right now it seems the plant is in need of humidity. Make sure to bag it ASAP. After it has been bagged for about two weeks you should slowly start to cut away at the bag to let it adapt to the humidity. Once enough holes have been poked you can remove the bag. By then it should be healthy and have adapted to your conditions. I received a plant exactly like this, which now has growing strong ever since I removed the bag. Make sure you keep a good eye on the plant and cut away at the bag less often if the plant appears to be recovering slowly. Alcohol should only be used for pests with a mixture of water to act as a buffer so the small alcohol atoms don't burn the cells responsible for absorbing H20 from the outside air. As far as I can tell you do not have an infection or a pest, just an adaptation issue.
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Thanks guys for all the input, it helps out a lot ;) The newest leaf is starting to emerge a little more. Even though the last leaf is almost all brown now, I think the newest one looks healthier, what do you think?
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Alright guys, the issue seems to be spreading? I'm not sure what to do. I have another plant that is now showing signs of what the last one did (which didn't make it). The picture below is of two different plants, they're the same exact type, in the same exact media and on the same wall of the green house. The one on the left is starting to limp and the other one is growing crazy! This makes me feel like its not its growing conditions but maybe something else? ??? Also the limping plant was next to the one that had issues before I quarantined it.


I'm also a little pressed for time. These are my plants for my school project thats due this Thursday :blush:
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Just came back from checking on the plant again outside. The light was just right and I found some microcopic webs underneath almost all the leaves of this nepenthes. I'm surprised I hadn't seen them before! So this is an indication to me that I have spidermites!

So I sprayed with neem. Here's to hoping this is the reason and it pops backs to life in two days!! :awesome:
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Definitely sounds like spidermites. Neem will do the trick. Spray again in another week and it should take them down for the count.