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Nep Seed Mix


Getting There...
Today I received N. andamana seeds and went to my local garden shop to get orchid bark for a bark, vermic, peat mixture. Unfortunately, they don't carry orchid bark, but they do have a miracle grow vermic/bark mixture. My question is, how detrimental is it to have the miracle grow fertilized mixture? I haven't bought naything yet, just checking my options!
I just use 50:50 peat/sand.. I know Nepenthes101 (Mike) does the same thing with great success.
Don't buy it. Just get it online. Miracle-gro is horrible. I grew other plants in that and they died.....
shredded LFS might work well, but I've never tried it.
oh yeah, one of the first things I learned when getting into CP's was.. NEVER USE MIRACLE-GRO ANYTHING!!
I use a 50/50 peat and Sand mix for my nep seed growing and it works very well for me

I haven't had any troubles from Miracle-Gro brand perlite yet. The rumor is that they only put the smallest amount of miracle-gro in some of the products, so they can say that its in there. It's quite difficult to find anything that doesn't have miracle-gro in it already. Even schultz is adding fertilizer to their products to be competitive...:-(
I use a 50/50 peat and Sand mix for my nep seed growing and it works very well for me

haha.. did you see my #2 post Mike? Glad to see your posting pics directly now!!
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shredded LFS might work well, but I've never tried it.

It works but not as well from my experience. I got about 6% germination rate from shredded LFS when I tried it. I think the problem is that there is less seed to media contact when you have LFS. Maybe I didn't shred it fine enough? I don't have a ton of experience with nep seeds.
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6%? I only have 5 seed, think it's fresh. What rate sohuld I expect with planting it on peat/sand mix?
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ive used a variety of mixes, my most recent batch being on straight LFS, not shredded or anything and had good results on 2 of the 3 batches.....
the other mix i used was shredded live LFS/peat/perlite in a 50/25/25 ratio.....
i think that the sand and peat mix would probably work really well as N101 has posted for, most likely, the reason dash has said, more contact with the media....i also hear that pure peat works as well as cocopeat with peat and lfs, ive heard of a ton of mixes that various people use....
but of course, do not use miracle grow....
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I use pure cocopeat. It comes compressed in bricks. I like it because it doesn't grow the carpet moss as quickly as peat.

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What seedlings do you have goin?
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Do you use that stuff as bricks or do you loosen it up first ?
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One brick makes a whole 5 gallon bucket of this stuff! :)

The seedlings I have going are N. (Viking x raff) x Briggsiana, N. (raff x amp) x Briggsiana, N. mirabilis x Briggsiana, and N. burbidgea. More have yet to sprout, including candy stripe Veitchii.
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Can I use the exoterra cocopeat brick Max? Never really had great success with the old seed from places like ebay. But would be nice to know for the future.

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Max did you get your candy striped veitchii seeds from youknowwho (not saying his name to keep him from getting PM bombed) in Sarawak too?
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Coco Peat

Nice to see someone else using Coco peat (or other coco products). I recently tried to talk to people about trying it for seeds, growing in mixes, etc... and you would think I was suggesting they kill their plants! Wile I haven't used it for as long as I have used normal peat, but so far I like the stuff and have had good luck with it. I rinse all my media, and have not had "salt" problems that everyone seems afraid of!
Someone mentioned a problem with it breaking down when kept very wet (like for sarrs) but so far I haven't had a problem. (Although I haven't used it for a lot of my plants, especially my "good" ones...when I have used it I've had good results.
(I have also used a more fiberous/soft chuncky form that is showing excellent results for adult Neps, better than the LFS which breaks down after a while. I love the stuff, although I do "trim" the size of the pieces, it is a wonderful media and a bit hard to find!)

Well, the seedlings are looking good! Can't complain against success!