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I recently aquired some plants from another grower here in NC and before taking the plants I informed him that I did not have the space to grow all these plants at the size they are now and he told me it would be fine for me to share these plants with anybody I wanted. I am asking for $8 for shipping for two cuttings and for any more it will be $12 for shipping. Also, when I say I have X number of cuttings that means what I'm going to cut it up into, you however could probably get 3-8 cuttings per my cutting.

Anyway, Here's what's up for grabs:
N. xVentrata X Dubia 2 cuttings worth

Here's the closest thing to a living pitcher that is on this right now

N mirabilis x Tiger, 3 cuttings worth


It's the big vine in the front of the pitcher

N. "Tiger" mutt this plant is very bushy and pitchers A LOT, 2 cuttings left


and last but not least...
N. alata Boschiana Mimic, 1 cutting left


Thanks Guys, it's first come first serve so whoever pms me first gets whatever they want.
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Holy cow, you guys must be super excited about all these neps, i am officially out of cuttings for the alata boschiana mimic and the Tiger mutt. I'll do my best to get everything packed up and shipped by this friday. I've got 1 cutting left of the mirabilis x Tiger and I've still got the ventrata x dubia. Seriously guys the dubia hybrid is super easy to grow and is pretty cool looking ;)
Offer closed for now until I actually take all the cuttings and send them out which will be later this week.
Alrighty guys so everything is sent and I'm all out of cuttings so this offer is closed. Unfortunately when I went to take the cuttings I discovered lots and lots of aphids so I had to downsize the cuttings to one or two nodes each and I made sure all the pests were washed off and killed. So you will be receiving smaller cuttings. Sorry about that guys...
That's fine! Thanks for the generous giveaway, it is much appreciated :)
rcd the cuttings today!!!! I am no expert but they look to be very good quality to me......I do have 1 question though. should i reduce them down or no? If I leave this as 1 cutting; will it pick up where it left off and just continue growth or will it kind of reset and I will have a big dead looking stalk will small growth coming out of it? i.e. if the new growth from an 8 inch stalk and 4 inch stalk are both say 2 inch leaves then common sense would dictate to make 2 4 inch stalks instead..or if you have the top of the plant in your 8 inch stalk will it try to just pick up where it left off and make 5 inch leaves??

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in my experience limit your cuttings to one node, two at the max. I personally would split it up gives you more of a chance to get multiple plants instead of just one plant.
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rats....there went my ambitions of growing a large plant from a large stalk. k last thing, it was suggested to root i need high humidity and warm environment....however that was recommended for a lowland cutting. Is that type of environment used to root all cuttings I take it or does one root it in the environment they wish it to live in?
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these are lowland plants so high humidity and warm environment should work just fine.