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need help with sarracenia id's

things got a little mixed up this year and i am attempting to sort it all out. i think all these but 1 should either be species or variants. mostly rubra but maybe an alata.

that whole polar vortex messed thing up and they could very well be duplicates of each other bc i do remember cutting and separating a rhyzome or 2.

i do a very good job of keeping noids out and unregistered hybrids.

if you need more definition i can try to crop and repost or upload a high resolution image if need be.

any help would be appreciated.

here goes:

def some kind of rubra....typical? ssp rubra?



oi a tough one for me


alata typical?


again....oi rubra ssp rubra?


im thinking gulf or a cultivar.....the tag was illegible


last one could use 2 angles so 2 pics....oreo or alabamensis?


Sideways pictures make helping rough. Are you sure no hybrids?
fixed :)

there is only 1 i was on the fence about.
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The last looks very similar to oreophila I think.
The top is some kind of rubra, could be rubra or gulfensis
All the in between could be rubra alabamensis, or wherryi, or alata, they look pretty similar, if they flower in the spring you should be able to tell.
From the characteristics I can see, here's my guesses:
1. rubra rubra
2. rubra x alata hybrid
3. May be alata, but has rubra-ish characters, flowers would help
4. rubra gulfensis
5. some pitchers look like rubra rubra, others look like gulfensis... ?
6. Look a whole lot like oreo.
so a definite on the oreo. goot.

hc, are you certain about 4 and 1?

also i can take more pics of 5 if need be.

i dont recall having any non-cultivars but meh, i may pot them with my noids.
Fairly certain. subsp. rubra has thin, graceful pitchers with a simple lid, gulfensis is well known for the swelling on the upper 3rd and often very notable veins especially on the pitcher inside. With pic 5 it really looks like the two subspecies are growing together.
hmmmm.....i will wash away the media tomorrow........it is a definite possibility.
Hc, no they are on the same rhyzome.

hey thanx for the help.....only one i really would like to id is the 4th one. i think i will have a giveaway for the rest plus a few more.

for your help hcarlton, would you be interested in any of these(minus #4) for shipping?

if so pm me. :)
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I'm afraid I can't spare any money even for shipping at the moment, and as of right now the only rubra form I don't have is wherryi. Thanks anyway though.
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alright, if you change your mind the threads are up plus a couple extra. :)