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Need help on IDing a few plants


Sgt Sarracenia
I just finished dividing and replanting my collection and have found a handful of plants that have either lost their tag or possibly never had them. If anyone could shed some light on their ID, I would appreciate it greatly. It drives me up the wall not having tags. ;D

Ping #1

Ping #2


Ping #3


Ping #4--Possibly a moranensis hybrid


Nep #1--The leaves are alot like N. alata but they are fuzzy. Could it be an alata hybrid?


Nep #2



Nep #3-- Pitcher is really meaty feeling.


Nep #4-- I bought this as a N. altman, but cannot find anything referencing anything near that name. Any ideas?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Ping 2 looks like P. gigantea and the flower matches... Ping 3 could be P. agnata or an agnata cross
Nep #1 is N. alata. #2 could possibly be rafflesiana.
Ping 2 looks like P. gigantea and the flower matches... Ping 3 could be P. agnata or an agnata cross

Really? I was thinking just the opposite. I was thinking that Ping 2 was an agnata cross, Ping 3 possibly Apassionata. Maybe I'm wrong and have them backwards. I have been comparing pics for 3 days now. LOL

Thanks for the input.
The last nep looks a lot like N. x Dyeriana
I would need to see an opened and mature pitcher.
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I will keep up on photos concerning the pitchers. Thanks Mason
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I have to disagree, the second nep doesn't look like rafflesiana, but beyond that I have no guesses. As for the third, looks to have veitchii in it. Can't really tell much more without a opened pitcher.
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Nep #1 is N. alata.

I know this is asking alot, but does anyone have a truefire way to differenciate between N. alata, N. ventricosa and the cross between them, N. ventrata? or at least what to look for to make an educated guess? If Nep #1 is an N. alata then I know I have plants of all three (I thought I already did but I guess not???) but it is like a matching game from name to plant. From what I can tell they are quite variable as it is. From what I have found so far N. alata is petiolated and "viney" and N. ventricosa isn't, and the pitchers of N. ventrata will have N. alata shape but N. ventricosa peristome. Is that true for the most part? LOL Like I have said, I hate not having tagged plants. If I am OCD about anything it is the certainty of species and having them labeled. Ya I know good luck. LOL

Is Ping #4 possibly P x Pirouette?
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I added another Nep for ID. I cannot find any info based upon what I bought it as.
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here are a few pics of the open pitcher on Nep #3. Hopefully it helps in IDing it.


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Looks like that must have some veitchii in it I think. It's super fuzzy and the shape looks right. I have an N. "riddler" (Spathulata x (veitchii x tiveyii) that looks very similar but has some more spathulata influence. Perhaps thats a veitchii x tiveyii or some other hybrid with either...
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Ya, pretty sure veitchi in there somewhere. BTW N. bongso is doing awesome thanks again.
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Ping #2 is definitely a P. gigantea.
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I agree. I'm thinking, now with some direction and further research, that it is almost undoubtedly P. gigantea.
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Nep #4 is N. (x ventrata) x alata. but sometimes the label says just plain 'alata' (witch is wrong)
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Nep #4 is N. (x ventrata) x alata. but sometimes the label says just plain 'alata' (witch is wrong)

I have been thinking that it was just a N. ventrata, as others have said also. I am however no where even close to good at IDing Neps, especially when it comes to the differences between ventrata and ventricosa. I have about 8 Death Cube rescues that are doing phenomenal, I had always thought that they were ventricosa, but they may be petiolated. I am starting to believe that I may have never seen a true ventricosa.

Anyway, the main reason for my banter here is to ask what it is that you see that leads you to believe that it is N. (x ventrata) x alata. That would explain why it looks so much different then two other plants that I know to be ventrata. Is it because of the way that the plant is vining, more like an alata? I appreciate all of your help. If I come off as questioning your input please understand that when it comes to taxonomy I become very focused and want to know what to look for when IDing. I know that MANY hybrids will manifest close to the same. Only someone with a good eye can see minute differences.

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