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need help identifying a few dews please

during my cloning adventure a few were lost in the mix before i could label them can you guys help?

the three in photo1....only one i have a guess on is the one to the left.....spat fraiser maybe?


the rosetted one in photo 2? looks the same as the one in the photo above...


the 3 seedlings in photo 3? hoping one of them is a pauciflora.....had to repot the mother plant and it died. kinda hopeful about the one to the left :) either pauciflora or venusta......middle one thinking either pauciflora or sp pretty rosette or nagamoto or lantau....one to the right...communnis or lantau or nagamotoi maybe?

can't tell on the seedlings for sure. The one in the middle of the top two pics looks like slackii. Right side on pic 2 is nidiformis. No clue on the others. I have a NoID myself that I picked up from you in a trade. I'm about to post if you want to weigh in.
made some progress....one on the left in photo 1 is a fraiser and the one on the right is a snyderi........still not sure about the rosetted one
The red one in Picture #2 looks like a Drosera aliciae. That's just me, though.
Not sure that is a Drosera aliciae, their leaves are usually are more fan blade shaped rather than spoon- at least all the ones I have seen. One thing you could try is get Jan Schlauer's dichotous key and try to key it. Fair warning- it is a little different in style.


I might try tomorrow sometime for fun :D

What did you have going when you did these clones? Perhaps we could nail it down? That looks to me like it could be Drosera natalensis, Drosera dielsiana or Drosera venusta. Were you cloning any of those? If it is the size I think it is (little larger that a US quarter?), and if it is full grown- my guess is D. dielsiana.
A dichotomous key? Those are really helpful.
A dichotomous key? Those are really helpful.

LOL, yeah it was really late when I posted that :p

Unreleated side note,
Wow, I was just looking through the emoticons. This one is really disgusting: :puke2:
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rosetted plants were as follows:

natalensis, nagamotoi, lantau, pauciflora, dielsiana(but i don't think i cloned it), spat fraiser island, spat(know i didn't clone it), sp pretty rosette, admirabilis, and tokiensis.
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Mhmm natalensis ?