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Need for Fertilizing?


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Sep 29, 2008
Madison, WI USA
Hey all!
I feel like this is a ridiculous question to ask after years of growing, but I have to anyways!
Most of my plants are on a grow rack under LEDs.
All plants are in pretty standard peat/perlite/sand/lfs mixes, or just pure LFS. I change the media when needed.
All my plants seem to do at least OK.
However, I very rarely get around to feeding or fertilizing them. Pings catch a few fruit flies here and there, but that is about it.
So, how often and when should I actually be feeding my plants? Sorry if this is so vague, but I know they need at least a little help form me, I just don't know that that help looks like!
Thanks for any input,
Aug 4, 2008
If you feel like things are generally ok, its fine to leave as is. The trickle of gnats and other things is sufficient to maintain for the most part. However, if you do wish to step it up a monthly spray of fertilizer can be helpful. I go about half strength on my plants.