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need droid guru

Work has gone to windows live 365 for email server...

When setting up on my droid based tablet It (live365 server) asked me to give it admin privs,
Specifically to allow it to lock device, wipe device, turn off features, etc etc etc
Pretty much everything you could think of that is disturbing LOL

If I decline, it wont install...
I tried allowing then turning it off after the install, when I do it removes 365

is there an easy work around?

Simple answer..nope. Almost all droid apps ask the world for privileges. I once read somewhere why, but can't recall right now. if I do i'll post the link.
needs to be NSA compliant.... too soon?
I wouldn't doubt it, the two things that really bother me and I just refuse to accept are

Admin control of camera and mic,
Now you tell me why anyone would give admin rights to someone for that....

just wrong on so many levels, maybe it is nsa.... sure feels like it

I decided not to install it on my tablet till I talk to our IT dept about my concerns
Most people would click yes and not check what all its asking for...

I cant believe they are going to do this....
Long live Big Brother!