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Need Ceph Cotyledon Photo

Hi guys,

I've got some cotyledons I am unfamiliar with coming up in a pot of Ceph seeds I am hoping to germinate. The timing is right and they were the only seeds in the pot, so I think I may have gotten some germination. I've never germinated this species from seed, so I'd love to see photos of other folks who have. If you have any photos of the cotyledons (first two leaves that come out of the seed), please post them. Thanks!
Its hard to see but here is a seedling in the center... sorry about the link, I can't seem to get an embedded link on my phone.
I can take a better one when I get home.
Basically two small green leaves to start with and a single pitcher will eventually emerge.

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Here is a seedling shortly after germination

and about 6 weeks later

I would love to get a copy of the two of these images!! Stunning!
Whoo! Thanks everyone!

And the best news: my cotyledons are exactly the same!!!!!!!!! Right now there's just one plant but there's no reason to think more may follow!

Paul! Your seeds worked!!

I first tried germinating with 4 weeks' stratification.... no luck, threw em back in the fridge after 14 days. 8 weeks does in fact seem to be what they need.