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need a little advice with a new nep. n. eustachya

received this recently, doesn't look too spry.

I am guessing it is just angry from being shipped maybe? also the leaves seem a little flimsy so im guessing this is where the phrase 'harden off' comes from? I moved it to a more humid section of my chamber underneath some foliage of some of it's big brothers.

additional thoughts? suggestions?

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Looks bad...real bad. I found this species to be fickle, never truely made it happy, but it seemed to do best in really high humidity, warm temps and moderate light levels.
think i should bag it?

I remember when I first rcd a northiana, it looked kinda like that but bounced back however the leaves were thicker though.
I would bag it just to be sure. Recently I've started to bag all my new plants and continue to do so as the results are clear.

It looks rough but seems like it is getting used to and accepting my conditions. As you can see there is a healthy new growth coming out now. The plant looks like it just abandoned that particular leaf and made a new one so hopefully it is moving forward.

Either way it is my hope that after 2-3 new leaves that I can remove the bag.

thx for the advice and lmk what you think:


It appears to be turning itself around and adapting to my conditions. 1 more leaf and I will remove the bag to officially call it done.

thanx for the help everyone.

Looking good. Glad it's doing so well.