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Need a little advice for my northiana

I had a feeling this little bugger would give me a hard time...

starting off I think some of it was my fault. I was hoping to leave it in the media the vendor sent me which is 100% LFS until the plant recovered from shipping at which point I would switch to my media.....the way my lowland terrarium is set up; 100% LFS hold too much moisture.

also I placed it too close to my re-circulation fan and it was drenching the plant when it came on.

so a whole 24 hours later it is sulking.......after doing some reading it seems these plants enjoy pretty much any mix that works for the user as long as the media is well drained; says the plant doesn't like to stay wet(roots)....so repotted it in my media and moved it to a more stable section of my terrarium. the root system is non-existent on this small specimen but I figure if it is small then there isn't much to get tangled up or disturbed.

it says these plants enjoy high humidity as all lowlanders do...no problem there.

temps....some conjecture here but most say at least 20c which I have covered.

however there is some conjecture about what kind of lighting this plant enjoys...some say bright light and some say low light. What I am guessing here is lower light when the plant is smaller and turn it up as the plant gets larger. My terrarium lighting is a little on the intense side for lowlanders so I have put up a diffuser for the northiana......can someone clear this up for me?


temps 75n and 82-85d

humidity 70-75%d and 80-85%n

light 6400k/2700k 10,000 lumen fixture...8 inches from terrarium top and 13.5 inches from northiana with 30% diffuser added for northiana.

photoperiod 13h

media 65% perlite 20% peat and 15% orchid bark

here is a pic of it sulking.....growth tip looks damaged but nothing visible to the foliage yet. I have had a plant wilt before but never had the growth tip do that.....so is this just a typical temperamental nepenthes shipping stress sulk or something else I should know?

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I have a northiana for 2 years now. Adapted immediately upon received and never stop growing since.
Most local growers have little difficulty with northiana. Contrary to reports from forums. Probably the largest factor being we have it in its native climate. Everyone has different media mix. Having said that, probably it is true that any nep media is fine.

My growing condition,
Temperature: 78-95F
Humidity: >60%
Media: mix of cocopeat, sphagnum moss, and perlite
Light: 50% shaded sunlight. Leaves show sunburn in circular patches if too bright.
N. northiana is a fussy plant. The best thing to do is to disturb it as little as possible. Pick a spot to grow it and leave it there. It's also very slow to start producing decent pitchers.
It was either the light too intense and/or the the water saturation from being too close to that re-circulation fan. the plant seems stable.....no changes to report atm......If it stays like this then it shouldn't take it too long to acclimate I do not think.