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Nearly Unlimited Aeschynanthus radicans cuttings for SASE

So I am working on cleaning up my collection and this thing is vining like crazy and I want to make it a more compact plant which means cutting off these 4 foot long vines that have adventitious roots at every node. Basically the way this is going to work is you send me a SASE and I'll enclose one nodes worth of the vine in a small plastic bag and send it back to you. Pretty sure that is allowed via USPS, if anyone knows differently let me know and I'll figure something out. One node is really all you need to get this thing going, especially because you should be able to get a full plant out of a single leaf. It's in the Gesneriad family for those of you that know what that is. This thing blooms constantly for me works well as a windowsill plant, lowland terrarium plant, intermediate nep conditions plant, and in terrariums if you keep it cut back (or let it vine and wrap it around your terrarium six times like I did... Anyway, just pm me for my address and I'll send a cutting your way with most likely 2 leaves, one node, and some adventitious roots. I have dozens if not hundreds of cuttings worth of this plant so this thread will stay up until i'm out which will probably be when nearly everyone on the forum has one :)
Count me in!! >_>

Ill send you a SASE with complimentary stamps=)
I still have ur info
can I just paypal you 60 cents postage?
i would be intrested, pm me to exchange info
*bump* If anyone was interested and messaged me and I forgot to send you one please send me a pm asap. I got really sick about two weeks ago and I'm just now getting back in the swing of things. I apologize if anyone was waiting for one. I've still got tons of cuttings left on this plant. And for anyone that's interested, even a single leaf can grow you your own plant so even if the cutting arrives and has dropped all of its leaves just put the bottom of the leaf into media and you should have a new plant in no time.