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NASC wishlist stuff (& planned donations)

In the spirit of past NASC teaser threads and suspecting that some day soon, we'll be hearing from the NASC folks when this year's auction will be held and what conservation org will reap the benefits of our efforts --- here's a thread to share:

- what items you'd like to see in this year's auction


- what stuff you plan to list in the auction

I'll start with a few 'possibles' that could show up:
- Heliamphora uncinata
- N. aristolochioides - confirmed female - rooted cutting (still debating...)
- U. quelchii - established cutting

and ...... :scratch:
I would like to see a bunch of SA dews, helis and H/L neps. And some awesome Ultrics and pings. So just everything awesome.
I'm hoping to see more Canadians over here! Contributing to a great cause and getting great plants!

I should have these:

-N. veitchii
-D. graomogolensis
-D. camporupestris
-D. schizandra
-U. blanchetii
-U. rostrata
-U. humboldtii
-U. reniformis
-U. pubescens
-D. esmereldae
-D. admirabillis
-D. slackii

Maybe I'll have some rare SG surprises by then (hinty hinty).. Drosera wise of course...
I'd love to see some Nepenthes that are harder to find from online vendors. I hope to have a few nepenthes to contribute.
Sarrs and VFTs. Perhaps some books as well.
I think I might put up a few of my SG jambans.

I might look out for some other highland neps or maybe some heli's.
Roxor I call dibs on at least one
In view of keep this as a teaser my pics are purposely trying to be nebulous :p

Petiolaris Group Drosera
D. paradoxa

D. falconeri

D. lanata

petiorlaris group hybrids like:

D. oredensis x petiolaris

Sarracenia seedlings needing home (um have no space to pot up)

VFT B-52

assorted South African Sundews......
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WoW! Id love some Petiolaris compex dews!! And Roxor I'd also love a Jamban. My wallet is prepped!!