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NASC Auction Rules??

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May 29, 2010
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"Being told that putting up an auction is a binding contract and if I do not fulfill that obligation I will be banned from the nasc auctions in the future, put on a deadbeat list and also that a request would be made for me to get also banned from Tera forums actually is a threat. Especially considering it also says in the rules that failure to complete transactions would result in a ban from the nasc auction "

So being told that the consequences of breaking rules you had agreed to is a threat? I have the ability to post from two different IP addresses, I'm sure as a savvy internet marketer you can do the same. Because in all honesty I can not fathom why a total stranger to the forums would suddenly be posting on your behalf. Finally, and hopefully I can keep to that intent, I personally would vote you off the site. Just being honest.


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Jul 12, 2001
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I still don't see any "attacking"
Hmm yeah I may be wrong about the time... In AZ we don't do daylight savings time so I always forget how I compare to others... It was fixed before anyone paid on it anyway... Like not a number said, it was fixed as quickly as we could once the error was noticed. I would sit down and try to figure out if my time zone is set right an all that, but I'm not really in the mood right now and don't honestly think it matters much TBH. :p

The NASC does not have the authority to ban, but they can definitely request it (heck even members have written the mod team and requested other members be banned for different reasons).

What Ozzy's PM said was:
Also we will send all the info we have on this incident to the owner of the forum and we will suggest that you be added to Terrafourms deadbeat trader list and a possible ban from the forum.
which I wouldn't consider a threat, but rather a statement of intent... and it is indeed what he did.

I am aware that I am able to look up IP addresses... It's not actually the only tool I have in my "bag of tricks" for identifying people. That said, you told me what you and your husband do for work from home and in that line of work you would definitely know how to get around one or two of my tools.

Like I said in the PM to you, you opened this public thread and bad mouthed the NASC and it's members and then they responded. I guess we can just go ahead and close it then since you no longer want to discuss it.
Not open for further replies.