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N. ventricosa x ephippiata EP

This plant is finally producing some pitchers, the first ones since i received it in last year's EP group buy.


And another pitcher forming on the back side of the pot, not showing much color yet.


nice lookin pitchers :) its rather funny when there are so many pitchers forming at once without even one that has actually popped yet :p look forward to seeing pics after they are open for business!
Wow Doug! I am very glad it is doing so well for you now. I've finally repotted mine, I hope it will pitcher finally :)
Thanks guys,

MylesG, this plant took quite some time to get adjusted to my growing conditions and at one time i wasn't sure if it was going to survive, but it has turned the corner and is starting to respond favorably now.

Daniel, it's good to hear that you were able to repot your plant and hopefully the cats will leave it alone long enough for it to spit out some pitchers for you too.

Mine poped a small pitcher a few weeks ago. Got it from a vendor. Came with several half formed pitchers and as soon as it potted for a week or two it started inflating normal pitchers. Its no where near the size of your pitchers DVG. I look forward to seeing your peri's when they pop.
Here's an update on the opened pitchers.

The smaller one has more striping and a few hairs under the lid.


Hopefully this inflating pitcher will have more striping on its peristome...


...and a few more hairs under the lid. :)


Here is better shot of the larger pitcher's peristome.


And the two together...


Wow! Those are looking great Doug, mine is still struggling with residual thrips . . . I'm glad it is doing so well for you :)
Thanks Daniel.

It is because of your suggestion last year that i even have this plant in my collection.

Hopefully your plant recovers soon and starts to put out some nice pitchers for you. :)

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Beautiful, dvg! Since you didn't include any objects in the photo to indicate scale, I will assume those pitchers are football sized? ;-)
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Beautiful, dvg! Since you didn't include any objects in the photo to indicate scale, I will assume those pitchers are football sized? ;-)

Thanks. Probably isn't even the size of a mini football. ;)

Haven't measured them, but guessing the larger of the two is only maybe between 4 and 5 inches tall.

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Awesome looking hybrid! Such interesting colors.
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Thanks Wireman.

Here is a pic of the newest pitcher to open, sporting a ventricose shaped pitcher body and a domed lid.


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Another update on this plant.


This newest pitcher still has a N. ventricosa shape when viewed from the side.


But it is starting to show some intermediate N. ephippiata characteristics.


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Wow, looks nice!
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I absolutely love this plant. I'm very glad I stumbled across it. One of the best $10.00 plants I've ever purchased. Here's a few shots of mine.