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N. Ventrata

A few months ago I received a cutting from a really generous member and it's doing well... Too well...
It's growing to fast and want to know what I should do. I would like to either:

1. Trade with someone for a smaller plant (can be smaller nep or something else)
2. Would like some opinions on if i should chop it down and see if I can get some cuttings to root

it keeps producing what should be pitchers but they don't develop, they just start to form and then stop. However, on each leaf that's produced the size of the pitcher get a little bigger and on the newest leaf it seems to have a few hairs.

It's my first nep so I would hate to see it go but want it to live up to its true potential.
If anyone needs pics I will gladly post them!

Thanks in advance!
I had the exact same problem with my old Ventrata, I found out the reason it wasn't pitchering was because it was sending out two basals. I chopped the main shoot before I found this out (something I now regret) but a couple of months later it started growing again from some activated nodes. If you have room it can be cool to have a giant bushy plant. If you don't find any basals then it could be problems with humidity etc so you might have to post some more info about your conditions. Hope this helps :)
I would say give it time. That plant can survive and pitcher in most any conditions. My initial guess is not enough light.
The humidity is always between 50 - 75%
the temps are usually 66 at night and 72 in the day
Im using T8s right now and i keep it close to the lights but try to keep it from touching
And i give it a 16 hour photo period.

It's about 1' tall give or take a few inches.

after thinking about it for a while I do think I want to trade it away though. I like Neps but feel that I can't provide the best conditions and cant grow it in a window because my moms cats would eat it...

*sigh* can't wait to move lol