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N. talangensis x hamata


Just got this plant a few days ago and it opened the pitcher that it was sent with.







Very minimal but still existent lid hair from the dad.


Daddy's teeth, not as extreme as N. singalana x hamata, but still there and looking good.


Rather large wings, relatively speaking. I like the interesting little speckles that are only at the top.


Obviously enjoying mom's significant side tendril placement.


Thar she be.

Anyone else get one? how's yours look?
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That is a pretty thing, indeed. I didn't get this cross because I speculated that with talangensis as one parent, the pitchers would never be very large, and the teeth unlikely to be pronounced. I was surprised (pleasantly) to discover the seedling spathulata X hamata actually displays prominent teeth and will undoubtedly get quite large as it matures. Still, I think you can look forward to some interesting pitchers there. Thanks for giving us a look at another plant of this rarely illustrated cross.
I've seen slightly larger specimens and I have to say: It's a nice, toothy plant. I chose to forgo it because I already have a (vent x sib) x (tal x ham) and was curious how that might turn out. Cool plant and hope it'll do well and grows large for you. :)
Really nice shape I bet it will look amazing when it gets more toothy