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N. spectabilis x singalana


I don't believe there has been a thread made about this cross yet, if there has, excuse me.

Anyway my plant just made its first pitcher in my care and I must say that I absolutely am blown away already with the plant, even at such a young age.

I can't be the only one growing this one! Let's see some others? :D

Whoa! Mine looked just like that a few months ago! I've been waiting to see some more of these! Here's mine:



These plants are going to be amazing when they're fully mature!
Wow! I'm so glad I bought one of these :)

I just got mine, but no pitchers yet. I'll be looking forward to it now! I'll post pictures once it does. Thanks for sharing.
Oh wow great stuff guys! very colourful! Has anyone got pics of spectabilis x jacq?
Very nice cross!
Nope, I have both spec X singalana and spec X jac. but they lost all of their pitchers in transport :( I will post pics in a few weeks when they have more! Both of those should turn out to be winners.
Here's a quick pic of my spectabilis x singalana. It has colored up nicely since this pic was taken :) I'll see if I get home before dark so I can take an updated pic..

Still no pitchers on the spec x jacq though. Seems to be a slow grower for my conditions.

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I'm loving this plant. Every leaf has yet to let me down.